Aminadav Hinton


Aminadav Hinton

Real Name: Lonie K. Hinton JR YouTube Page, search Aminadav Hinton. I was born in a small town named Alton IL in November 16th 1970 to Father who is now deceased; Mr. Lonie K. Hinton Sr and Mother, Corrine P. Lunsford. I grew up in the Missionary Baptist Church singing in the choir, playing the drums and hormonica. I am not religious now, but I studied Theology and Religion for a vast part of my life. In 1991 I moved to Rochester NY for a better economic future and was apart of the Community Performance Art City Program where I sung songs that I wrote and joining in choir programs that went throughout the city and state. In 2007 I learned of my Sephardic, Mizrahi Afrocentric Jewish Heritage through DNA records and studied with a Rabbi and joined in a Yeshiva and studied Judaic Theology and Hebrew. I was married from 2001 to 2020 and did various music programs, a few talent shows, but never got my big break so for a while I just gave music up and focused on family life and work and didn’t write or record. Toward my separation and divorce a desire for music returned as I was no longer stiffed from singing, writing and recording as I had been in many regard in marriage.

Alot of artist that do get discovered it is oft unrealized that they have been at it and doing it for years. I was once in NY apart of a studio production under a Mikey Mike -a unbelievable rapper whereby I was suppose to through him get a record deal back in like 2000 and Mikey Mike went to jail and that ended that connection of what was suppose to be Snoop Dog putting us on. I have been doing music and writing songs, poetry and had submitted demos early on for years and could never be heard or put on. So here I stand again trying anew with AGA Entertainment. This is the same person it is his bio.


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