Ashley Martinez


Ashley recorded a track with a rapper Mike Baggz in January 2013
called “Tonight in Old English” peaking at number 85 on the national
radio airplay charts. February 2013, Ashley headed to NYC to
perform at another showcase for Mr. Wise McGriff, an A&R for 6
different labels, also the marketing director for Def Jam music. Ashley
is currently writing, composing, recording new material and her most
recent shows are as follows: June 22nd-The Hard Rock Cafe, June
23st-Sugar Beach, July 27th for Tit for Tat charity and August 19th
Coast 2 Coast Event. Ashley has also made the Top Trends List for
being most talked about on Twitter in Canada.
Late October Ashley returned to NYC for a meeting with a music
executive at a major label and she also landed a spot on Hip Hop and
R&B station Hot 97 where she spoke with Dj Enuff in the hot box.
March 2014 landed in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked on 6 singles
with hit producers such as Brian Michael Cox, Kendrick Dean, Bam
Dilla, LTMO, Dj Toomp and more. Ashley is going to continue
striving towards her goals and dreams and will stop at nothing to
achieve success.

Ashley Martinez hails from Toronto Canada and even as a small child she always wanted to
perform. She knew at the age of 5 what her purpose in life was. Her purpose in life, was to
reach super stardom. Singing in various talent shows, venues and performing in different
languages such as Italian, Spanish and English, she knew that this was the only thing that
made her truly happy. Ashley was introduced to two producers of small independent label,
Six Figgaz Records. This began performances around the city including the Mardi Gras in
Hamilton, CH Breakfast Television, singing at local clubs and festivals. After a year of a
successful start, her relationship ended with the label.
January 2012 local studio "The Big Room Studios” asked Ashley to come in and start
recording music. In a matter of 2 years she created a sound catalogue of over 31 tracks,
including a record called Memory featuring G-UNIT rapper Tony Yayo. Ashley has worked
with numerous producers such as Baby Paul (New York), J. Staffz (Toronto, On), Beat
Merchant (Toronto, On), Sheldon Moore (Toronto, ON), Kemo (Vanguards, Vancouver,
B.C.), Jared Lee-Gosselin (Los Angeles, CA) and Nelson Davis (Detroit, Mi., Columbia
With a distribution & promotional agreement through Akon’s Hitlab, Ashley had her song
Letting Go, picked up by 108 radio stations. This stemmed from her entry in their yearly
competition for artists to submit their original music and Ashley placed top 10 out of over
40,000 applicants.
In April 2012 Ashley went to New York for a one on one meeting with Lenny Santiago, VP
A&R of Def Jam music, providing good advice about the in’s and out’s of the industry.
Ashley was very thankful and continued her musical journey. In September 2012 Ashley
opened up for rapper Meek Mill in Miami, Fl. November 2012, Ashley flew to Fiji to
represent Canada in the Miss World Supermodel Pageant and performed at their closing
ceremony. Ashley was also a National Finalist 2013 for the Miss Universe Canada Pageant.